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Ignacio Solves Senior editor

AstroLoka Basic is a complete application for creating personal horoscopes based on the only very basic features.

The program includes important Horoscope details: planets position, Rasi, Ashta Vargas, Navamsa, Bhava, Vargas and Vimshothari Dasa.

The available preferences include South, East and North India chart styles.
All planets name come in both languages: English and Sanskrit.

The application includes data for more then 300 countries and more than 5000 cities, with time zone, daylight, summer and standard for most of the towns. User can add or change time zones, countries and cities.

A wide time range for calculating the Horoscope: from 1800 AD to 3000 AD, always using Vedic days in all calculations: sunrise to next day sunrise.

Placidus system and equal house are given for Bhave charts.
Dasas are calculated according to a 360 days or 365.25 days year.

Bhava chart is provided with two styles equal house and placidus system. Dasas can be calculated by taking a year as 360 days or 365.25 days.

The application displays longitudes for rahu and ketu for the true positions.
· Vedic day(sunrise to next sunrise) is reflected in all calculations.

This version is the first release on CNET


  • Very complete set of data for creating horoscope. Basic operation.


  • None.
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